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Nepal: Orientation on Stress Management and Self Care

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Participants listing the techniques they applied to protect themselves from COVID-19

ECPAT Luxembourg and partner Shakti Samuha conducted a 3-hour orientation session on March 26 and April 2 on stress management and self-care at two safe homes for TIP victims operated by the partner.  The session was facilitated by a registered nurse and psychosocial counselor. 30 child victims, residents of the safe homes, participated in these orientation sessions.

A participant in a stress management/self care exercise

The objective of the session was to assist the children in dealing with the post-traumatic effects of COVID-19. During the pandemic a year ago, the same resource person provided them with effective counseling. In these sessions, the facilitator discussed the definition of stress, the various types of stress, its causes, and treatment options. The participants discussed the challenges they faced throughout the pandemic, as well as its impact on their lives and societal changes. In addition, the facilitator emphasized the need of practicing self-care.