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Building Capacity for a Trauma Informed Approach

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ECPAT Luxembourg conducted a training program on trauma-informed approach for its program implementation team and the program implementation partners on 6th and 7th of September in Kathmandu. The training was facilitated by certified psychosocial trainers, with experience working in trauma-informed approaches for trafficking survivors. A total of eleven participants from ECPAT Luxembourg, Biswas Nepal, Shakti Samuha, and the Centre for Legal Research and Development (CeLRRd)were present in training.

The training was conducted to enhance the capacity of the program team in dealing with survivors in a trauma-informed manner and to ensure that the learning was strategically reflected in the project implementation.

The two-day event trained the participants on the concept and types of traumas, their types, effects, and causes, as well as how we can identify and support those with trauma. The training further discussed self-care and trauma healing, coping mechanisms, and also vicarious traumatization. The training was helpful to not only learn about the concepts and ways to deal with survivors and their trauma, but also to reflect, ground, and center oneself to build empathy and hence, understand a trauma-informed approach through personal reflections.

Text Box: Image 1Participants share the emotional changes seen in survivors following a traumatic incident